A fire was burning, flickering, crackling, its flame burning deeply,
But I was walking into the bright blue evening,
Stumbling weary.
Oh, I was walking down the dusty street,
Rushing water,
Only for a moment,
Whirling through running kids of youth.
Singing aloud, stumbling, spinning, without cause or reason,
Dances free our being,
In which we find the here and now.
Staggering, trembling feet, towards the earth-body.
Sorrow against happiness,
Rapturous bliss against despair.
Shuddering wild wind against my face.
Again, again and Again,
Forever, birth after birth, after birth,
Eternally Vanishes and appears, infinitely
Appears and vanishes.
In the endless Impenetrable gleam of wilderness,
The world is laughing.
But these legs ache with pain.
Birds tumble in the strong wind, flooding with sunlight,
Resting and disappearing into the blue light.
Sea waves smash along the beach rocks,
Still and violent.
This earthy path leads me,
Towards nature towards pastures,
 towards the lost distance.
Going nowhere, nowhere a definite goal.
Nevertheless, suddenly all the stars, that are filled with harmony,
Are gone. Now I curry suffering and
unendurable pain.
Only the earthly wild cry of nature,
All is agony, all is lost, all is grief,
Let it all be wretched, Let it all be anguish.
Everything desolate fumbling, everything atrociousness tears,
Not a moment of break, never a blessed moment.
Swept by the forceful breeze,
Good riddance to all my misery.
Now it is night and the beloved grassland and Forest rustle in this wind,
Blown by the sea,
Speak of being.
Relinquish themselves to the world.
As if in the gentle drift of the womb.
Filling the abundant nativity of immeasurable flowers, everything grows,
Stirring, whirling, spiraling Beautifully,
Exasperatedly Carousing into each other.
Rampantly, aggressively shivering with life against death.
Abruptly my breath Viscerally overwhelms me,
Gasping for air,
All that is inextricably Interwoven outwardly and inwardly
In the vast, rhythm of nature,
Is one inseparable unity.
Exulting, my being resounds unending hymns of joy.
Boundless Space spreads inexhaustible love.
Outreached and outstretched.
All this love was bursting out of me.
Ready to die, I am a fierce bird.
Ready to suffer, I am the infinite ocean.
Ready to be born, I am great the tree,
Blooming, blooming out of me,
All this love.