I belong to the buzzing song of the bees, singing gently across large valleys, numberless green ferns and into the howling Wind, blowing outstretched into violet sky, were these pine trees rustle and endless wilderness, continuously grows.

These bees flourish scattered flowers along the fleeting fierce waves. Dances our joy, stumbling, spinning, moving in all directions, pouring impalpably onto rooftops, violently down waterfalls. How confounding is the water, which binds the entire biosphere together.

But these bees never rest; they curry such an unconditional burden, into the night and into the day, over distant mountains, which breath deeply and stilly, were now whole cities and wars remain forgotten. Oh, How we long for godless love that vanishes.

Open to all our trembling death and suffering, all the prosperity, all the happiness, all the pain, all the sickness, eternally stands, our perishing lives will soon be destroyed and forever returned to life; to the hard rocks, to these bee’s, for the un-perishing heart is the earth-body.