Your deep vibration stands,
In the pause,
Into the mouth, never lost my feeling-chained.
Oh, unending spring.
Taken away before your sight,
Night on night.
Without knowing one another,
Fell under her intoxicating breath,
Thrust the divine
Your voice – you make it mine
Destroy, and give up.
Drifting on the raft of darkness,
In the gestation of muscles,
Overfills the uterus walls.
Oh, disappearing veins are you mine?
Oh, disappearing veins are you mine?
Because we were poeticising the city streets we walk.
Coffee shops,
Glass skyscrapers,
Gin and Rum,
Every night drunk.
Spinning and dancing,
Next to lover’s windows,
Smartphone hookups,
Over and over again,
Stumbling and dancing.
In the amorous city night,
Like waves of subatomic particles.
Like the sound of laughter on phones,
And electronic music,
I am blind kissing you,
Like hearts that belong to the
The exhausted echo of modernity,
Of post-industrialist cities,
The materiality of production
And concrete pavements.