In long cool days, hot burning heat,
Wet dew and frozen winter mornings,
Lie flowers along the hillside,
Besides mountains and the cry
Of distance birds. These flowers
Heads bloom, their petals grow
In all imaginable colors. still, peaceful,
Tranquil, their beauty invokes
The calm serenity of the Buddha.
Who’s sleepy eyes gaze with loving
Compassionate wisdom
On the whole, world which
Is holy, every form and hour sacred. Carousing
And dancing in irrevocable
Unending change. Shining brightly,
He closes his eyes, drifting into the infinite
Ineffable void. Both a fullness and emptiness
Which binds and weaves all opposite dualities
And things into being.
And all the happiness, ecstasy, sickness,
Suffering and despair
Will vanish, like these flowers which wither
And char Into scattered ashes.
Only to be reborn, transmuted and
Transfigured; soon I will be
The vast blue sky. The swift
Wind among the pine trees,
All the courageous rivers and fishes of the earth,
The cold rain in autumn. Turn into wild ferns and verdures
Into fecund soil and bacteria. Become the
Impetus of all transformations in the eternal
Oneness of all things.